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  • National postal leaders visited our company to inspect and guide the work

    On March 11, 2019, the inspector of the State Post Bureau Policy and Regulations, the inspector of the State Post Bureau, the Science and Standards Department, Jiang Chen, and other relevant staff visited the company's research letter box, letter box, letter box production, research and development, the company's chairman General Manager Li Chenggang, Vice President Yang Dengyou, Assistant General Manager and Marketing Manager Sun Ling, Finance Manager Sun Chuanbao, and Strategic Planning Manager Tang Wenmin accompanied the research work.


  • Chengdu Baide Post Special Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was approved by the State Post Bureau for the first batch of “Post Industry Technology R&D Center”

    Recently, the State Post Bureau issued the "Notice on Promulgating the Results of the 2018 Post Industry Technology R&D Center". Among them, Chengdu Baide Post Special Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was officially approved, and was recognized as the first batch of “Post Industry Technology R&D Center”...


  • "New Times Postal Industry Development New Technology, New Change and Innovation Cooperation Forum and Chengdu Baide 20th Anniversary Celebration" was held

    On January 29th, postal executives, research institutes, colleges and universities, and some industry associations in Chengdu from Beijing, Shanghai and 13 provinces and regions, Zhang Lujin, deputy director of Chengdu Economic and Information Technology Bureau, Zhang Hai, director of Shuangliu District Deputy deputy head of the government, secretary of the party working committee of Xihang Port Development Zone, director of the management committee Zeng Hu, vice chairman of the Shuangliu District CPPCC Liu Wei, department leaders and entrepreneurs, experts and scholars of some cooperative companies attended the meeting...


  • Li Chenggang, Chairman and General Manager of Chengdu Baide Post Special Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., talked about the development of a special equipment for postal research and development for 20 years with the title of “A Paste Pen, A Dream”.

    Li Chenggang, Chairman and General Manager of Chengdu Baide Post Special Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. made a speech entitled "Review of the Twenty Years of Storms and History", with a topic of "A Paste Pen, A Dream", and talked about the 20 years of dedication. Postal R&D and production of special equipment...


  • Chengdu Baide Company is the post user training equipment maintenance administrator

    From December 24th to 28th, 2018, Chengdu Baide Post Special Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was in the Chengdu production base to train the maintenance and management personnel of belt conveyors for some postal users.


  • School-enterprise docking, seeking cooperation--Record Chengdu Baide Company and Chengdu Information Engineering University School

    On the afternoon of December 14, 2018, the Shuangliu District Science and Technology Bureau and the Xihang Port Development Zone Management Committee led the introduction of experts and professors from the School of Control Engineering, Communication Engineering College, and Cyberspace Security College of Chengdu University of Information Technology. Nine people came to the company to carry out a symposium on "school-enterprise docking and seeking cooperation". Experts and professors first visited the company's technology research and development center, and watched some of the company's research and development display of electronic smart products; then went to the factory to visit the shearing, painting, welding, belt conveyor assembly, intelligent package cabinet assembly workshop, and watched the cross With the sorter, swing arm machine, Xiaohuang sorting robot performance; finally on the first floor meeting to listen to the company's situation and product introduction. When introducing the company's products, the Strategic Planning Department highlighted the product projects that can be co-operated: one is the smart parcel mailing robot; the second is the transformation of the letter box into an intelligent problem; the third is the identification of the cross-belt sorter, the optimization of the control system and The problem is to improve the problem; the fourth is to transform the letter tube into informationization problem; the fifth is to change the belt conveyor to use the electronic roller; the sixth is the automation and informationization of mail and parcel sorting and distribution; the seventh is other practicality...


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